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In this web-page you can learn all about MATLAB/ Simulink, Selenium Testing and Android Apps Development. You can read my blogs here, see the code snippets or just view some nice videos about application development on my YouTube channel.


All my blogs or videos are small. Intended for audience who wants to learn about an application development quickly in short time. Each video shows the complete steps required to develop individual project. So, all these application development can be done in one sitting. Rarely you will have to refer to another chapter to complete your development.

Learn to develop interesting applications and share with your friends and colleagues.

Ask questions … share with your challenges and problems faced during development in Matlab or Android. All your queries will be addressed here.

Wish you happy programming with Programmer World !!!

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  1. Error in “How to compute GCD in android studio”. I have watched your video and tried making my own. Everything was fine but, the input requires two commas or a comma and a space between each number to compute GCD else, it shows “Unfortunately your app stopped” and the app crashes.

    For, example – To calculate GCD of 12,18,24 i have to input numbers in editText as 12,,18,,24 or
    12, 18, 24 else the app crashes.

    I will be thankful if you resolve my issue.

    Thank you.

  2. I am not sure why input requires double commas (or a space after comma), but to take care of this, you can use string.split(“,,”) command to filter out the double comma. Similarly you can do for a comma and space – string.split(“, “). You can also try using string.substring command to do various string processing. These commands will help to eliminate unwanted characters and extract the number out of the string.

    I hope above helps. Also, in general it is a good practice to surround your method with try-catch. It will avoid the App from crashing with “Unfortunately your app stopped” messages (as you stated).

    Good Luck
    Programmer World

  3. Hi , do you have a tutorial in Android Studio about getting the route from my location to another location I want to?

    • Can you please let us know the equation to be modeled in Simulink?
      Is it the Torque equation? Can you please let us know the variables and input/ output of this equation?

      By the way, Simscape library blocks such as “Motor & Drive” or “RC Servo” can directly be used to implement the servomotor in the Simulink model. The description of these block states below:
      “The block supports both motoring and generating regimes, and you can use it to represent servomotor and traction applications at a system level.”
      “This block represents the electrical and torque characteristics of an RC servo.”

      Hope the above helps.

      Programmer World

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