How to implement van der pol equation in Simulink – R2023a?

In this video it shows step by step approach to implement Van Der Pol Mathematical equation as Simulink Model. This demo can be used to design any mathematical equation as a Simulink model which can be used for simulating the results with various parameter values.

The Ven Der Pol equation is taken from below sciencedirect journal:,is%20Van%20der%20Pol’s%20equation.&text=%7B%20x%20%E2%80%B2%20%3D%20y%20%2C%20y,x%202%20)%20y%20%E2%88%92%20x%20.

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Other details:

x ′ = y
y ′ = μ ( 1 − x 2 ) y − x
Initial conditions used:
Parameter Value:
μ = 1

Design and Output:

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