Plot and subplot command using MATLAB Live Editor

This video explains plot and subplot command and its various features and properties. It uses MATLAB Live script to showcase the capability of how to do the coding, writing notes, preparing report and visualizing output all together.

Further, it shows how one can create vector variable of different range and step size. This video shows how one can view the output in the live editor itself while doing the programming. Matrix dimension error and Vector length errors are also explained in this video. Towards the end it tells how convenient it is to generate the PDF report out of MATLAB Live editor.

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Source code:

All about Plot and Subplot command in ML Live Script

Simple plot of one variable
2. Intoroducing Time Variable

3. Plot Sine Wave

4. Properties of plot command
hold on

grid on

xlabel(‘Time …’)
ylabel(‘Value …’)

plot(y*0.8,’Color’,’r’, ‘LineWidth’,0.2,’LineStyle’,’:’)

5. Subplot
subplot(1,2,1); plot(x);
subplot(1,2,2); plot(y);

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