How to allow “Install unknown apps” in your Andorid phone?

Please note, one should avoid installing unknown Apps or Apps from unknown sources. They may harm the device or retrieve personal user data from the device.

So, please follow the below steps only when the App’s installation file (APK) is received from trusted source.

However, reliable sources, such as Google Play store, should be only used to install the Apps in your device.

The steps for allowing “Install unknown apps” in the phone’s settings are:

  1. Navigate to Install unknown apps:
    Navigate to Settings. Search for “Install unknown apps” and select it. Then, tap Install unknown apps option.

  1. Allow permission:
    Click the source that you want to allow app installations from, such as Whatsapp, gmail or Chrome App. Then, click the toggle button “Allow from this source” to give permission to install the Apps from that source.

  1. Install the app:
    Your phone or tablet may prompt you with an option to allow Google to inspect installed apps for security. If enabled, this option may still prevent apps from installing.

    If this occurs, you can try going back to the app or file you’d like to install, and then try installing it again.

Voila!!! It should work now. You should be able to install the Apps from other sources as well.

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