Design Spring Mass Damping System in Simulink

In this blog the standard Spring Mass Damping problem will be explained and its solution using Simulink will be detailed here.


Equation of the above:

mx2 = F – bx1 – kx;

YouTube Video explaining the solution of this issue can be found below:

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Dear sir,
This video is very much useful to me… I would like to appreciate your valuable effort. Could you please give some idea to add disturbance (I expect practical disturbance like sound, stochastic noises,…)?
Similar to your requirement I have prepared another video which uses a random noise disturbance in the equation.
You can watch this video at:
I hope this is helpful to you.
Sure, I can help you with this and create another video on this. However, can you please give more details on this requirement. By any chance do you have the mathematical equation of the system? Or do you have any reference where we can check for the physical model of the system you are referring to in your statement?
A video matching your requirement is created and posted at: I hope you got a chance to refer it

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