Coding Tips for Beginners

  1. Start with very basic program, say Print ¨Hello World¨ or something similar, take baby step at a time.
  2. Play around with the same program by changing font, text size, format etc. for feel good factor.
  3. Don’t just start with theory always go with practical simultaneously. Hands-on approach is always better.
  4. Don’t Stretch for long in one shot, start with approximately one hour per day for few days.
  5. Don’t always go with bookish algorithm. Try to understand the logic and implement your own understanding. Initially you may make mistakes but it will give you unforgettable learnings.
  6. Always start with manual programming – Example for java write the program on Notepad then run it through command prompt, don’t directly start writing code with tools or IDE like Eclipse. Writing each and every line manually will give you clear understanding of syntax and algorithms.
  7. Always read carefully the error messages. Most of the times it gives clear message where the mistake is done.
  8. Discuss with your friends, peers and colleagues. Teaching also gives very clear understanding of concepts.
  9. Once through in coding try to build some working end-to-end project which will build-up confidence in you.

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