In this webpage you can have information about the development of various MATLAB Application.

Quick Sort algorithm using recursive MATLAB function

Machine Learning Algorithm – Polynomial Regression in MATLAB App Designer R2018a

Webcam video Live Streaming in MATLAB App Designer

Simulate a model through App Designer, set parameters and plot outputs in App Designer

Design a GUI in MATLAB using AppDesigner – create a Simple Calculator

Design a simple Casino type Game in MATLAB using App Designer with Gauge and Spinner

Design a simple Game in MATLAB using App Designer

Plot in UIAxes and demo of slider, knob and Gauge in App Designer in MATLAB

Bubble Sort algorithm Solved using recursive MATLAB function

MATLAB App designer command line tutorial – design calculator in Easy steps

MATLAB Tutorial Calculator using GUIDE

How to send an email using MATLAB? How to check internet connection in MATLAB?

How to create an Alarm Clock in MATLAB App Designer in Simple Steps?

How to create Alarm Clock using GUIDE in MATLAB?

Fibonacci series programming in MATLAB and Simulink Model for beginners

How to design a sound recorder and modulator in MATLAB using App Designer?

How to design counter in App Designer using MATLAB function and global variables and Simulink Model?

How to design a simple counter using App Designer private functions and properties?

How to access web sites or internet using matlab and make a custom browser using app designer?

Interpolation using interp function in MATLAB

How to design a simple email client using App Designer in MATLAB?

Merge Sort algorithm solved using recursive MATLAB Function

Insertion Sort Algorithm solved using MATLAB function.

Selection Sort algorithm solved using MATLAB Function

Text to Speech Conversion in MATLAB. Access Speech Properties of windows from MATLAB.

Design Advance and Basic Calculator, set buttons visible and invisible in MATLAB AppDesigner

How to design Radio button, check boxes and drop down menu in MATLAB App Designer?

Plot and subplot command using MATLAB Live Editor

3-D plot, Surface Plot and Color Map using MATLAB Live Editor

MATLAB App Designer toggle using Radio Button among multiple options in an Advance Calculator design

How to compute Factorial n using simple Stateflow Chart and recursive MATLAB Function?

How to compute the sum of Factorial in MATLAB and Stateflow?

How to sort a String Array in MATLAB Script?

How to create your video editor App in MATLAB using App Designer?

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