5 safety measures while downloading Android apps online

Whenever we require anything to download we go to various known and unknown websites to download various required things like videos, songs, different files like apk files, pdf files it may be anything which is only available online.

In this post, we are specifically talking about safety measures while downloading apk files, in this case, there number of websites which provides good service to download apk file but none of them are 100% safe to use and where more probably you will not be safe. On other side there are few sites which work hard to deliver the best apps to download for you which are malware free.

Tackling all such situations and download android apps on your phone safely without any loss is easy just Keep reading this post will end to know all matter of fact.

Why take measures while downloading Android apps online

There are many reasons to take measure while downloading android app online from websites major problems you may face are –

The Entry of malware and viruses-

Many sites are there online which provide good service but some of them either don’t have good security or promote malicious android apps, using such website will expose your android smartphone to different malware and viruses.

Damage to your mobile

Using an unknown app from unknown sites can cause entry of such malware, viruses that can actually damage your phone internally and slow down your phone and If you are unlucky, this can damage your software which will cause your phone to stop working.

The Leak of personal data

Many cases have been recorded where users have identified stealing of personal details like phone number, contacts, tracking live location and such confidential information.

Hacking of your social media accounts

Previously many cases have been recorded where using android app from unknown websites caused the leak of passwords of many social media accounts.

Reading your text messages

Using third party messenger can leak your bank details which may cause you a big money loss.

5 safety measures while downloading android apps online

1. Using only trusted best sites

If your Play Store isn’t working then you can try for official Play store site G­oogle Play other than this there are many best app download sites you can prefer to download apps online which are quite trusted like Amazon App Store, Uptodown, Softonic, Apkpure, Apkmirror, Aptoide, and Cnet download which is quite popular and trusted to download apps for android OS.

While searching android apps online there will be various sites shown to you but some of them aren’t original at all to identify the fake one you can look on the domain of the site where most trusted sites use the .com extension other than this look for the design and navigation of the site if they aren’t feeling good then chances are more that it is a fake site or malicious site.

2. Identifying fake apps

To identify the fake app or clone app you can look for the app description from the website you are downloading the application and just look carefully at the app description, and find for the Developer and published date if you don’t find these sections correct then don’t go for downloading those apps.

Another thing you can check is the file size of android app if it is unusual then chances are more it is filled with the malwares so avoid downloading such apk files on your Android phone.

3. Use paid antivirus

Many free antiviruses are there which can protect you pretty well but Paid antivirus will give you 100% assurance that’s for sure so if you want to be safe from scams then you have to use paid antivirus.

4. Avoid cracked modded apps

Many users download modded or cracked version off an app which are differently modified versions of the original app which may contain various malware and viruses in it which could do anything with your phone so avoid such apps downloading.

5. Don’t use third-party app installer

Most of you may know Android App Installer which is pre-built in the Android system that installs Android apps for you.

But you can install third party android app installer which is actually not good as preinstalled android app installer is capable of detecting defective apps and malware/ viruses which could not be possible with a third-party app installer so don’t use them.

One more thing you can also check the reviews to see how many people have downloaded the app and did they face any problems. Reviews of the people are quite important so always check them before downloading the app. Says Owais Shah from Insiderapps.

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