How to convert .MOV or other video files extension to .MP4, .WMV or .MPEG file type readable by Windows Media Player using VLC?

In this page learn about how to convert media file types, such as .MOV, to a Windows Operating system readable file types, such as MP4, WMV, MPEG, etc.

Usually files created in iOS are not compatible in Windows OS. This page can help to quickly translate or convert the video files in a Windows OS compatible file format. It uses VLC player’s convert feature which is easy to use and readily available.


  • Start/ open VLC

VLC Player

  • Go to Convert/ Save (Ctrl+R):

Convert File option in VLC

  • Add the files to be converted
Add file in VLC

  • Click the Convert button

Convert the media file type in VLC

  • Select the Profile type as “Video for MPEG4 …”. Also give the destination file name.

Start converting the media file in VLC

  • Click Start. The converted video will be available once the process is completed in the below window.

Converting in progress in VLC

Voila!!! Enjoy the new file which will be compatible with most of the media players codec including windows media player. Enjoy !!!

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