Design a simple counter and reset counter in Simulink

This video shows the steps to design a simple counter in Simulink. In the later part of this video it shows how to design a reset counter. Using this reset option the counter can be reset to start back from beginning. In this video MATLAB R2017b has been used.

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How to stop the counter once it comes to zero??
Once the counter reaches to zero you can either reset it as shown in my video tutorial.
If you want to stop it completely then you can use conditional subsystems like Enable subsystems or If condition subsystems. In this subsystem once the counter value reaches to Zero you can disable it. So, the value of counter will not be considered anymore.

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  1. I want to stop counter completely once it reached to particular value. could you please elaborate this point?

    • Say for example, if you want to stop the counter once it reaches the value of 5 then just change the constant block value from 0 to 5 in the model.

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