How to create your AdMob’s Ad unit to display google Ads on your Android Apps using your adsense and make money?


– Signup/ Login to your Google AdMob (using your gmail ID):

– Check all the details and then after accepting Terms and Condition, create the account:

– Select the below options as per your preferences and click Continue:

– In the Home page, click “Get Started”

– Give the details in the below. If the App is not published in App Store the choose “No” in the below:

  • Search and select the App published in the App Store:

– Once the App is selected and all the details are provided then click on “Add App”

– Goto Apps list and select the App you added. And then select the “Add Ad unit” from below page:

  1. Adding Banner Ad Type

– Select “Banner” Ad format from the below.

– Give details in below page. Enter any name for your reference:

– Click “Create Ad unit” in below page:

– In the next page App ID and Ad unit ID will be displayed which should be used in the Android’s App code to insert the google Ads banner:

– Ad unit ID can also be copied later using the copy button from the Ad units option in the below:

  1. Adding Interstitial Ad Format

– Select “Interstitial” Ad format

– Enter the details. Name can be anything. It is just for reference.

Keep Frequency capping disabled if unlimited number of Ads can be shown to the users.

– Click Create ad unit in above and the Ad unit will be created with details of app ID and Ad unit ID displayed in the final page as below.

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