Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Any data or access required for running Programmer World’s Apps strictly adheres to below guidelines. User of these Apps must agree to these guidelines before using the Apps published by Programmer World.

1. Access to various data of phone may include data such as location information using GPS, Audio using Microphone, video using camera, call data or access to messaging services.

2. The Apps uses these data to process the required information for the correct functioning of the App as and when required.

3. No Data is stored, exported or recorded in any form on any server owned by Programmer World team.

4. If any third party tools uses these Data then it will be well defined in the App.

5. Users at their discretion can choose to allow or decline the use of certain access. Decline to certain access may lead to incorrect functioning of the App.

6. Data usage or access required by the App for the correct functioning will be stated while executing the App on ones phone/ system

7. For any issues or doubts please reach out to programmer world team at: or at:

We thank you for using Programmer World! We thank you for your support or service opportunity provided to the Programmer World!